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This page identifies issues you may encounter, and how to resolve them.

Where to look

When something is not working properly, the places you'll want to look are:
  1. The Logs page in the API Creator
  2. The logs of your container (Tomcat, Jetty, etc...)
  3. If the problem is clearly client-only, looking at the browser's debug page can be helpful


Please see here.

Database Connections

General Connection Issues

To assist in support, please identify:
  1. the main container log (catalina.out for Tomcat, console output for Jetty )
  2. the exact scenario (please explain the exact steps used to connect to the DB)
  3. an export of the database — whenever possible, this enables us to identify issues

Database Connects but no tables - ensure Active

Please ensure your Data Source is marked Active.  Schema information is not retrieved for inactive Data Sources.

Large Schemas

Schemas are cached in the AdminDB, so a full load is only required initially, or when you refresh the Schema.  For very large schemas, the initial load time may exceed the Browser time-out time.  In this case, you will see an error, but the API Server does continue the load process - reload the API Creator in your Browser, and you should see that the schema has loaded.  Otherwise, please contact Support.

SQL Server

Please see this page.

Database Password needs reset after Project Import

The system does not store passwords in the .json file on export so the import of a project requires a re-entry of all database passwords. Go to Data Sources link to re-type the password for each database.

Authentication Provider not set after Project Import

The system does not store the authentication provider in the .json file and requires re-selection after project import.  Go to API Properties and set the correct authentication provider. [Note: this is fixed in version 2.1 and later].

Named Filters gives SQL Error

The use of named filters allows creation of named parameter values to be used in place of column attributes. However, each database has its own rules on how to handle mixed case and quotes.  Make sure the column attribute names are in single quotes ('name'), double quotes ("name"), or back-ticks (`name`) depending on Derby, MySQL, Oracle requirements. 

Data Explorer does not show any tables

Make sure the user logon has at least 1 role assigned ant the role has at least 1 table with read access.  If you have changed your URL fragment and/or your project name, you will need to switch projects (click home, select a different project and then repeat the process selecting your original project).  This will clear the internal API cache and allow the system to rebuild the new URL endpoints.

Resource Properties not Visible

This occurs because the Browser is attempting to auto-fill values, not appropriate in this context.   API Creator disables such functionality, though certain Browsers appear to ignore such disabling.  

You can correct this as shown below.

Google Chrome

Under Customize Google Chrome > Advanced Settings > Passwords and Forms > Manage Autofill settings:


Under Safari > Preferences > AutoFill