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We list here all the error pages explaining all known error conditions.

 Error Code     Description      

HTTP request was rejected, typically because it was malformed, or did not include required information. 

40012 The request, which was intended to insert a new object, did not include a value for a required attribute
40024 REST call using the HTTP protocol, and the HTTPS protocol is required.
40025 JSON sent to the server contained one or more attribute that is not expected. Attribute names are case-sensitive.
40026 JSON payload, which was sent as part of a POST or PUT, contains one or more attribute that was deemed invalid, either because it was specified more than once, or because its value was not parsable.
4011 This error indicates that the request did not include proper authorization. 
4012       This error indicates that the server was not able to use the provided API key.
4031     Indicates that the request tried to access a resource to which it does not have access.
4034 This error is returned if you try to access a project that is marked as inactive.
4040  This error indicates that the URI you tried to reach is unknown.
4042 Indicates that the request was made for a non-existent resource.
5004 A general error code that indicates that something has gone wrong on the server.
50033 This error indicates that the user has a role which requires a security global that has not been set.
50052 This error means that a validation has failed.
50056 This error indicates that a count has tried to become less than zero
50060 This error indicates that you attempted to sort the results of a query using a column that cannot be used for sorting.
50061 This error means that an insert or update tried to put too much data into a column.
50063 This error indicates that you have reached a limit due to your current license.