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Click New API on the Home page (and on the left navigation Create menu) to display the create API wizard. This wizard walks you through the process of connecting to an existing SQL RDBMS.

Prerequisite: The connection requires available JDBC drivers.  

Step 1 - Type

Select the Type or target SQL database. Note: The server will load each of the database drivers to see if they are supported and available - if they are not able to be loaded, you will not be able select the specific database.  See JDBC Driver installations here for more information.

Step 2  - Connection

Enter the requested Connection properties required by the JDBC driver.  The Test Connection will attempt to see if you can reach your SQL database with the URL credentials.  If this fails, you will not be able to continue to the next step.  Check with your SQL DBA Admin and make sure you have the JDBC drivers installed.

Step 3 - Project Setup

Project Setup - API Creator will read the schema tables, views, procedures, keys, and relationships to create a new API project.

The new project will appear on the Home landing page.

Note: The New API appears in the left navigation bar of an API Project and under the API dropdown menu bar - so there are actually 3 different places you can access and create a new API using the wizard.