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API Properties

API Property Settings

The property page allows the administrator to set the URL fragment (used in the API url), the API Project name (internal), the Authentication Identity provider, and the internal libraries and the attribute settings to control this specific API Project.

Details Tab

The Project active/enabled flag determines whether this API Project will accept incoming requests.  If the flag is not set, the server will not recognize any incoming requests.

API Name

The identifies your API project, set when you create your project.  This is your internal name.

URL Fragment

The URL for your project's API is composed of several parts, one of which is specific to the project. That's the URL fragment. It should be (usually) short, and contain only characters that are valid in a URL. If you use characters that are invalid, they will be automatically replaced with underscores.
Project URL names must be unique within all your API definitions.

Authentication Provider

The Authentication Provider authenticates that login credentials (typically a user / password) are correct, and returns a set of roles.  You can supply your own provider to utilize corporate security services, or use the provided default.  Sample Authentication Providers are available from GitHub for Windows Azure AD,SQL LDAP, and more.


  • 'Export' - An API project can be exported in JSON format using the 'Export' button. 
  • 'Verify' button will test the project for any inconsistencies (these will be displayed in the Issues left menu).
  • 'Delete' button will remove the project from the server - once deleted it cannot be recovered.  [Recommend Export first]

Settings Tab

The settings tab allows individual API project attributes to be changed.  The (?) will provide micro help from the right pop-out window on the specific selected attribute.

Libraries Tab

API Live Creator has a standard set of libraries already loaded.  To make these libraries available to JavaScript event programming, you must click the used check box and save.  If you need to add a JavaScript library or Java JAR file,  use the 'Your Libraries' tab and click the button 'Create New Library'

User Libraries

Selecting User Libraries tab and click the "Create New Library" button to show this dialog.  
Enter the name and file from the file chooser (make sure to select the correct type, JavaScript or Java JAR file type).


Topics Tab

The Topics tab is where you can add/edit or remove topics which are used to define groups of rules.  Topics can include links to external documents and represent use cases (or Stories) that group together one or more business rules. More detailed information can be found here.

Filters Tab

The Filters tab is used to define 'userfilter' or named structures that mask or hide the internal SQL and prevent using free form filters (to prevent SQL Injection). See detailed documentation on using this feature. To disable free form filters use the API Properties/Settings tab and select an attribute setting ("Disallow free-form filters and sorts").

Sorts Tab

The Sorts tab is used to define custom named sort objects that can be exposed as part of the resource or table and mask internal SQL data.  See the documentation for more information.

Latest Changes Tab

As changes are applied to the API itself, the audit trail of changes is shown on this tab.

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