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Expression Help

Each Rule page that uses the JavaScript editor (e.g. Formula, Event, Early Event, Validation, etc) there is an Expression Help link at the bottom of the editor.  For the select resource (table) - there are two types of expression help, one for the object model (attributes) and one for the relationship links.

Row attribute selection

 This will insert the attribute name for the selected table at the insertion point in the JavaScript window using the row object (e.g. row.order_number).  You can also access the values currently stored on the database using oldRow.{attribute} - this is the value before changes occur on the row object.

Attributes via Parent Relationships

Parent Attributes via relationship roles can also be used to select parent (and grandparent) attributes. You can also select a parent object's attribute using the foreign key or virtual key relationship.

Restrict To

Events can be restricted to Insert, Update, and/or Delete.  The Asynchronous checkbox will ensure this event will run without blocking.


If this option is checked, this action will execute asynchronously, independently of the current transaction. Whether it succeeds or fails will not affect the current transaction.
This can be helpful for things that may take a long time, such as making an external call, sending an email, etc...