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Parent Copy

You can define Parent Copy derivations to obtain parent values without cascade processing if the parent value is subsequently altered.  Parent Role Names are derived from Foreign Key relationships.

For example, in the Demo application, we want to retain the quoted product price so that it does not change if the product price is subsequently ordered.  This provides the intended business result: if you buy on Monday, your order total is not affected by a Tuesday price change.

Contrast this to a formula, which provides parent reference with cascade processing.


 Rule name You can supply your own text, but we recommend leaving this blank for the system default
 Table/Column The name of the parent table and column representing the value to be copied into 
 Parent Attribute to copy Defines parent role (first combo box) and attribute (second combo box) from which to copy
 Active Check to make rule active (requires the definition be complete)

Note - this only applies during a POST - changes to the parent attribute will NOT impact this attribute on the child.