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Min Max

The Min/Max Business Logic Rule declares a Parent attribute to be maintained as the min/max of a designated child role's maxed attribute, with an optional qualification to filter child objects.  For example:


You define a min/max via API Creator Rule editor:
  1. Click the Create New Rule, and select the Rule type and the table to which it applies

  2. Next, you define the parameters of the rule (further described below)

  3. When complete, click Active and Close to return to the list of rules.


 Min/Max name  You can supply your own text, but we recommend leaving this blank for the system default
 Table/Column  The name of the parent table and column representing the min/max result
 Children  Defines child role (first combo box) and attribute (second combo box) being minimized or maximized
 Qualification  Optional - boolean expression designating the child rows checked for the min/max
 Active  Check to make rule active (requires the definition be complete)


The value of the attribute will be updated to reflect the min/max of the specified attribute in the child objects whenever necessary.  This includes child objects being added to and removed from the parent object, as well as modifications to the children objects that change their qualification in the min or the min value.  Observe that min/max processing is triggered by changes to the child, as visible in the log.