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Data Explorer Field Expressions


Each expression is evaluated individually, and the right most expressions will overwrite the expression styles preceding. Enter Author Mode and select the gear to the left of the label of the attribute you wish to place the client side expression.


Example: row.credit_balance > 2000, where credit_balance is a column name in this table

Expressions are evaluated as JavaScript, and when passing text into exposed methods, wrap the value in quotes:


CSS Selectors

Example: input applies styles to the current input

Example: /input, by preceding the selector with a "/", an expression style will be applied to all inputs on the page

The most common selectors for the form view are: "label", "input", and ".column-container" for the column label text, the column input, and the element containing them respectively.

The only selector applicable for the grid section is: "cell"

CSS Styles

Example: display:none; will hide the selected elements

Example: color:red; will change the font-color to "red"

Example: background:white; will change the background color to "white"

Exposed Parameters

row: a reference to the values of this row

action: the current logicContext verb for this row (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, null)

parents: a reference to parent roles and their row values

Exposed Methods

hasRole("roleName"): checks if a parent role exists