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Author Mode

Author Mode enables you to customize the appearance of behavior of your forms, without writing code or using an IDE, including:
  • choosing which fields to display, and in which order
  • grouping fields
  • choosing field display formats, labels
  • grouping fields
  • custom form titles
In general, you will invoke Author Mode, and provide declarative expressions to define these behaviors, as shown below.

Author Mode

Authorized users can access Author Mode using the Tools Menu on the top right toolbar as shown below:

Note: author mode requires a valid dev account (e.g., admin) -
                                                not an app account (e.g., demo).

Form Field Grouping

You can group fields like this:

By specifying this (via the "book" icon in the upper left of the form area):

Conditional Styles (e.g., visible, enabled)

In this example, we want to show Base Salary only for Exempt employees.  We click the gear for the Base Salary field, and specify the setting below.  The settings leverage CSS syntax - use the (?) for help.

So, this field will be visible / hidden as you step between rows, or change rows.

Observe that this operates as you type.  For example, if you insert a new row, Base Salary will not be visible until you specify employee type as exempt.

Alert: be careful about fixed length strings.  You may need to specify expressions such as


Observe you can combine these, such as hiding a field for a specified condition, or turning it red otherwise.  You do this by defining multiple expressions:

Form Title

By default, the system selects a column with a suitable name for the form title.  See the default title for a Beverage, below:

You can use Author Mode to control this, as shown here for a title for first + last name:

Tab Panels

The tab panels can be re-arranged using drag-n-drop, the labels and selection of which tabs to display is done using the dialog below.  If there are more than 5 active tab panels a down arrow will be displayed on the last tab to show more items.

Share - Link Generator

Under the Tools menu bar - the Share menu item will display a dialog that allows you to create and edit a URL that you can share with other team members.  The link attribute names the starting table followed by the primary key (optional).