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App Settings

In Author Mode - you will be able to change the general appearance of the colors, icons, and labels using CSS skins.  You can also change the layout of each individual table when it is first selected (that is, you can determine if Grid, Form, or Child tabs will be used).  For more refined custom defined layouts, the Linking will allow named links for a specific page and layout.

Application Settings

From the tools menu, select app settings menu item to see the dialog below.  The General tab will select the default starting table and the default layout arrangement for the each selected table (e.g. Main Grid, Form Window, and Child Grid).


You can upload a new set of css values to change the look and feel of the Data Explorer. A sample css skin can be found at the bottom of this page.  Click 'Create New Skin' and then upload the new css file and click the active[x] check box.  Refresh your Data Explorer to see the new Skin take effect.


Linking allows you to create a new named link and a specific layout for the selected table.  Enter a new name 'Add New Link' and select an Active Table.  You can control which of the 3 different panes will appear (Left Grid, Scalar Form, and (tab) Child Grid).  The new link will appear to the right of your Save icon. 
The new Link will appear to the right of the Save button under 'Default'