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Life Cycle of a project 

Connect to the source (DEV) server.
Export existing project and any specific components using command line scripts
1) Libraries
   These are user defined JS and Java JAR files - they can individually exported as a JSON or you can create a new object and link it to the current project.
2) Auth Providers
   Auth Providers have 2 components.  First is a library (the javascript) and the second is the Auth Provider object and settings.  
3) Data Sources
  Once a project is exported, the database (data source) password is NOT exported and must be manually fixed up.
4) API Options
  These are the project specific settings that may need to be changed for each environment
5) Projects import/export
 The entire project can be exported as a single JSON file - however, the libraries, database passwords, and auth provider info is not saved and must be manually fixed.

Connect to the target (QA/TEST/PROD) server.
Import To new json objects using command line scripts
1) Libraries are imported first because the project JSON references by name and will fail if the projects are missing.
2) Import the project to the new server
3) Auth providers are imported and linked to the project
4) Data source settings are scripted to allow changes to password, schema, catalog, etc.
5) API Option settings can be changed

[optional] individual rules and individual resources can be imported.