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Jetty Installation

This page explains how to get started with the Jetty package.  

In addition to product use, you will find the following to be valuable orientation:


The Jetty installer eliminates the need to install a Web Server (jetty is in the zip), or a DBMS (it uses Jersey).

You must have Java JDK (7 or later). If you do not, install it first.

Important: you will need a JDK, not the JRE.

You will need at least 100MB of free disk space.


  1. Request and Download package from your CA Technologies Sales team

  2. Un-package the file to a local directory folder 

  3. Open a command window (terminal or cmd) 

  4. Change directories to the location of your installation (e.g. /user/home/CALiveAPICreator-Jetty-xxxx-NNNN)

  5. Start the server (below)

It will look like this:

Starting the Jetty Server

Using a Terminal / Command Line, cd to your install folder, and start the server using one of the scripts (see the red box, above), as follows:

Windows: start.bat
Unix/Mac: sh

You should see the following:
OSX Terminal showing startup output
or on Windows:

Screenshot of Windows command line

Port conflict Issues

If port 8080 is already in use on your machine, you will see a number of error messages including:

Caused by: Address already in use
at Method)

In that case, edit and add the following parameter at the end of the Java invocation:

java -DSTOP.PORT=8123 -DSTOP.KEY=stop_caliveapicreator -jar ../start.jar -Djetty.port=8181

Running Live API Creator 

Open a web browser and connect to the URL:


After Logon (by default, the User should be "admin" and the password "Password1") - please review the Welcome page and Documentation overview, take the tour, and don't hesitate to explore! If you break anything, you can always throw this folder away, unpack the zip file and start again.

Review the Welcome page

After you login, you will see the Welcome Page.  It provides key orientation:
  • Videos (also here), which illustrate key functionality and operations

  • The Welcome Walk-through is provided both as a video, as in this page where you can explore links for more information.

  • The Tour, which starts automatically when you click CLOSE (upper right)

  • The Advanced B2B Sample; complete this to confirm you have the key product concepts - ready to begin a project

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