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Log On

You can access the CA Live API Creator via a browser URL which starts with a logon authentication dialog. The Server location and name will depend on the type of installation and configuration of your API Server instance. e.g. http://localhost:8080/APIServer

API Creator Log On

Server - the URL and location of the API Server and depending on the configuration - it may include the root WAR name like /APIServer. Local Jetty installations do not need the /APIServer.

User: This is the administrator user (admin, or sa) 

Password: This is the administrator password.

You can add new Admin accounts and assign special roles here.

Welcome Screen

When you first log on to CA Live API Creator - you will see the following Welcome screen. Use the links on this screen to view the documentation and videos to help you get started. You can close this screen (upper right corner) to close the window and go to the home page.

API Creator Tour

The first time you start API Creator in a browser, the 'welcome/training tour' starts. If you clear your cache or start in a new browser type, the tour will start again. To skip the tour, click the link - 'I've already done this tour'. You can always restart the tour by clicking RESET in the right side help window.

Shift-click on each of the red text area to toggle the specific area on/off.