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Even though you're almost never aware of it, your API is always part of an account. Most installations only have one account (two if you include the system account, named, for historical reasons, abl).

The only user who can create, edit or delete an account is the sa user. Admin users only have access to the APIs/projects in their account.


 Name Type Required Description
 ident integer Y The unique identifier for this object
 ts timestamp Y The date and time when this object was created or last modified
 name string(100) Y The name for the account. 
 url_name string(32) Y The URL name for this account. This is the part of the URL that comes right after /rest. This must be a short name, valid in a URL, so use only letters, numbers, dash, period and underscore.
 status char Y Can be A if this account is active, or D is this account is not active, in which case this entire account, and all the API's it contains, cannot be used until this is set back to A.
 public_key string N This attribute is not currently in use, leave null.
 private_key string N This attribute is not currently in use, leave null.